A.  Roles and Responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities of the project participants are described below.

A Steering Committee (SC) has been appointed to ensure coordination and accountability during project implementation.  The Committee is chaired by MPI’s Vice Minister and members include the Ministry of Finance (MoF), State Bank of Vietnam (SBV) and the Office of Government (OoG).  The Bank will also liaise with the SC.

MPI as the Project Owner and Executing Agency is responsible for program implementation and budget execution.  MPI’s overall role is to monitor, coordinate, and manage the project; with appropriate quality assurance measures to ensure IAs comply with the POM and agreed schedules. 

A Project Coordination Unit (PCU) has been established under MPI’s Foreign Economics Relations (FERD).  MPI have appointed a Director, Deputy Director, Coordinator, Chief Accountant and PCU staff.  The PCU is responsible for project coordination and implementation, including procurement of consultants for Components B and C.  Their duties also cover financial management, monitoring and evaluation, overall quality assurance, safeguards compliance, project governance, transparency and anti-corruption framework.  The PCU have the right to procure international and domestic consultants as necessary for the project in addition to establishing a special project account. 

The PCU are responsible for screening and clearing IA proposals considering the project objective of improving disbursements and readiness.  MPI (in agreement with the Bank) may reduce or cancel allocations made to an IA if the use of funds is substantially delayed or poorly performing.  The responsibility for preparation and implementation of individual subprojects rests with the IAs.  The PCU is not responsible for authorizing or verifying IA transactions.

Figure 1: Implementation Arrangement


















Implementing Agencies (IA) and IA Project Management Units (PMU). A subproject IA, working through its Project Management Unit (PMU) is responsible for applying for facility funds, procurement of consulting services for implementing subproject preparation, management of all contracts and for preparing the subsequent investment loan. 

The IA PMU is responsible for ensuring funds are administered in accordance with the approved POM/FMM and the Bank’s policies and guidelines.  In addition the PMU remains accountable for authorizing or verifying subproject transactions and should work closely with the Bank’s Subproject Task Team during subproject preparation.  The IA PMU may establish, if required, a designated account for its component.

The project’s Implementation Arrangements are summarised below:

World Bank  The Bank supervise MPI and the IA’s implementation of the project/subprojects.  The Project Task Team are responsible for the overall project and the Subproject Task Team is responsible for management and supervision of the IA activities carried out under the project.  The roles of the respective Bank and GoV teams are highlighted in Figure 1.

At the project level, the Bank’s Project Task Team will support:

▪      MPI’s execution of the project, including clearances for all consultant activities managed by MPI.

▪      MPI to ensure that the project is compliant with fiduciary requirements

▪      Portfolio wide monitoring and evaluation, and

▪      all supervision missions.

At the subproject level, the Bank Subproject Task Teams are responsible for supervising the preparation of the investment including:

▪      supervision of all activities (capacity assessments, technical guidance, Financial Management, procurement, safeguards, QA/QC, Monitoring and Evaluation etc) carried out by the IA,

▪      technical and quality review of all GoV deliverables,

▪      progress reporting to the Bank Project Task Team, and

▪      preparation of the subsequent subproject investment.

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